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Why programmatic advertising will dominate in 2021

Published on, Jan. 28, 2021

Programmatic advertising will be the tool of choice for marketers in 2021 because it provides greater efficiency, better targeting, improved audience reach and automation of the consumer journey.

Since the pandemic, consumer behavior shifted dramatically towards spending more time online, from video streaming services, to online shopping, and digital gaming. It’s no surprise eMarketer forecast US advertisers will spend more than $81 billion on programmatic ads in 2021:

What are programmatic ads?

Programmatic advertising is the automated buying and selling of online advertising. Advertisements can be personalized based on each consumers’ unique interests and behaviors including:

  • demographics (male / female / age)

  • geography (location)

  • type of content consumed (news, hobbies, product info)

  • time of day

  • weather

  • device (smartphones, desktop)

Programmatic platforms access data for audience segmentation, insights and optimization in real-time.

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How programmatic buying works

Programmatic technology enables marketers to scale their digital assets and reach their consumers in the right place, at the right time.

Using artificial intelligence and a process known as real-time bidding, programmatic advertising helps to capture the attention of consumers throughout millions of websites, applications and digital properties being viewed across any channel or device.

Who uses programmatic

Programmatic advertising is effective and suitable for brands of all sizes. However, most platforms require a team of professionals to set up and configure campaigns for success. As a result, traditional programmatic platforms require hundreds of hours in training and practice.

Our intuitive technology, illumin, is a modern programmatic platform that allows anyone to advertise online in a matter of minutes. Now, you can drag and drop audiences and the creatives they see at each step in a journey across any format or channel. illumin’s journey canvas allows you to visualize success by streamlining campaign management:

The benefits of programmatic advertising

There are multiple benefits to using a programmatic advertising platform for all your digital advertising efforts. First and foremost, programmatic advertising helps buyers and sellers make data-driven decisions and removes the guesswork from the ad buying process. These are some of the greatest benefits:

  1. Cost-effective – programmatic technology creates efficiencies by using machine learning to optimize campaign success, avoiding ineffective inventory.

  2. Improved targeting – no other platform allows the same level of detail when targeting audiences across multiple devices and channels in real time.

  3. Journey automation – with a modern programmatic platform like illumin, you can control, visualize and automate consumer journeys for a range of advertising goals like creation of awareness, conversion, etc.

  4. Easy access to ad inventories – advertisers can access optimal inventory across a variety of exchanges at once and allow the algorithm to do the heavy lifting.

Why programmatic advertising is important

As advertisers shift towards more cost-effective and transparent solutions for digital marketing, it is obvious why programmatic advertising has entered the mainstream. It enables marketers with critical efficiencies that have been proven year after year – and 2021 will be no exception.

This year will be pivotal for advertisers to reach their consumers while online activity occupies more time than ever before. With emerging platforms like illumin, programmatic is quickly becoming more accessible to marketers of any skill level.

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