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Top 10 Most Viewed Video Ads from #BlackFriday2020

Featured on, Dec. 1, 2020.

2020 has changed shopping forever. In the past, Black Friday was characterized by early morning lineups and doorbuster deals. This year, the most successful brands have embraced digital channels and offer free shipping or “click-and-collect” options to intrigue their consumers.

Another theme that emerged from the top campaigns is retailers’ need to extend sales beyond Black Friday. Instead of one-day deals, retailers must consider “The Cyber Five” – the five days from Thanksgiving until Cyber Monday. Because less consumers are racing to stores this Black Friday, it is critical for brands to establish an online presence to usher in the era of “couch commerce”.

The Most Viewed Video Ads chart tracks a series of Black Friday campaigns from this month. The top trends this year came from brands who capitalized on COVID themes like at-home fitness and gaming, lease-to-own payment models, and of course, getting excited about travel, again. One impressive entry on the list comes from fitness apparel brand Gym Shark, whose 3 minute 26 second spot garnered an incredible 2.8MM views with an action packed adventure bridging real and virtual worlds. Here are the highest performing campaigns this Black Friday:


Aaron’s takes our top spot this year. The lease-to-own retailer is touting Black Friday deals for the entire month of November. To make it even easier on shoppers, delivery is also free.


In fourth place on our Black Friday chart is fitness apparel brand Gymshark. This campaign features people who are overcome with “BIG DEAL ENERGY” due to earlier than usual sale prices. The ad stars mega-YouTuber KSI who turns into a giant video game character and breaks through people’s living room walls. Gymshark’s Black Friday deals started on November 13th.

Go Ahead Tours

An unlikely contender rose to the 9th spot on our list. Bucking the trend, Go Ahead Tours is encouraging people to get outside and book their 2021/22 travel plans well in advance. Guided tours are on sale with different destinations discounted each week of the month. However, they followed suit of most brands who used positivity and uplifting messaging to reach their consumers.

Here’s the Top 10 Most Viewed Video Ads:

1. Aaron’s: It’s Black Friday All Month Long! (8,131,351) WATCH NOW

2. Walmart: Deals for Days (6,762,688) WATCH NOW

3. Bed Bath & Beyond: Black Friday Deals (3,327,323) WATCH NOW

4. Gymshark: BIG DEAL ENERGY (2,837,481) WATCH NOW

5. Dell: Black Friday (1,003,620) WATCH NOW

6. Macy’s: Black Friday Starts Now (427,465) WATCH NOW

7. Kohl’s: Too Great to Wait (369,466) WATCH NOW

8. Target: Black Friday Now (322,502) WATCH NOW

9. Go Ahead Tours: Black Friday Travel Deals 2020 (316,874) WATCH NOW

10. Nectar Sleep: Black Friday Mattress Sale (240,469) WATCH NOW

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