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QUIT SLEEPING! My Favorite Songs You (Probably) Missed In 2020

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

If you're like me, you often rely on the opening act at a concert to introduce you to new music.

Sadly, the coronavirus swiftly put an end to our musical dreams this past year, causing sweeping cancellations and production setbacks throughout the industry.

Regardless, I wanted to attempt compiling a list of the hottest records from 2020 that you may have been sleeping on, or quite simply missed:

Giants - Dermot Kennedy

Following the commercial and critical success of his 2019 debut album Without Fear, Dermot Kennedy has proven he's here to stay.

The song Giants begins with a somber phrase I can't seem to escape: "We used to be giants, when did we stop?" Although its a simple question, my answer is different each time I ponder it.

Not you Too - Drake (Ft. Chris Brown)

Drake's Dark Lane Demo Tapes dropped almost immediately following the coronavirus lockdown in North America and gave way to a video of himself dancing through his estate fully covered from the nose down in Toosie Slide.

You can guess what happened next - the video spread like wildfire through TikTok and people were singing and dancing along to Toosie Slide from their homes around the world.

Having said that... Let me point you to the real shining star of the album: Not You Too.

Exile - Taylor Swift (Ft. Bon Iver)

Ok, maybe you didn't miss this one because you're a fan of Taylor Swift.

Usually, I wouldn't place myself in that category but I do consider myself someone who likes to try new things. Although Taylor has been around forever, and I know all the words to more songs than I would like to admit, Exile featuring Bon Iver feels like witnessing the (re)birth of Swift's catchy, acoustic sound.

Don't sleep on this, Taylor Swift haters!

My Rajneesh - Sufjan Stevens

My Rajneesh was released by Sufjan Stevens leading up to the launch of his 8th studio record: The Ascension.

Unfortunately, Sufjans decided to hold My Rajneesh back from making its way onto the final track list.

However, that doesn't mean it isn't worthy of your time - and I mean a lot of it.

Like any good Sufjan Stevens song, it clocks in well over 5 minutes long and every second of it is not to be missed.

Untitled (Black Is) - SAULT

The mysterious black musical collective SAULT took the world by storm and produced the unofficial anthem for #BLM at a time when we needed it the most.

You probably slept on the whole album. So here it is, in full. Stop what you're doing and please listen to this album if you haven't already!

What did I miss?

What went through your mind while reading this post? Who did I leave off the list? What's your favorite sleeper song of 2020? Connect with me on Linkedin or shoot me an email at to let me know!


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