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Most Viewed Video Ads: when the commercials are more entertaining than the broadcast – Super Bowl LV

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Published on, Feb. 10, 2021

Putting a spin on ads we’re used to seeing, the first Super Bowl to air since the Coronavirus hit did not feature mask-clad actors, social distancing, or the phrase “unprecedented times”. In fact, the Super Bowl’s Most Viewed Video Ads were ruled by the winners of the pandemic, who swept it under the rug to focus on classic themes such as humor and inspiration.

Businesses that are thriving during the pandemic like Indeed, Fiverr, and Logitech filled the shoes of Super Bowl advertising favorites who sat on the bench this year, perhaps fearing the impact of sending the wrong message during a global pandemic. However, the top 10 Most Viewed Video Ads for Super Bowl LV came from incumbent brands hoping to win the hearts of consumers, including a couple of tear-jerkers.

The Most Viewed Video Ads Chart is a compilation of the most-watched brand-driven video ad campaigns focused on Super Bowl LV, as measured by AcuityAds’ True Reach Insights Platform. The platform captures the number of times a video is viewed across top websites where people engage with video content every day.

We chose to highlight 3 of our favorite ads from Super Bowl LV that showed us how to play to audience emotions, the power of celebrity, and the importance of tone when messaging during difficult times.


Have you ever wondered what Alexa would look like if they were human? Imagine your favorite celebrity could set a timer for you, turn the sprinklers on, or read you an audiobook. That’s exactly what Amazon did in their Super Bowl spot featuring Michael B. Jordan as he personifies the benefits of owning their flagship product Alexa.

For the second consecutive year, Amazon took possession of the number 1 spot on our list with a hilarious campaign, demonstrating how technology can help us live out our fantasies.

Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures’ top-billed celebrities gather at the peak of Mount Paramount to introduce their new streaming service appropriately named Paramount+.

The ad quickly reveals that the “mountain of entertainment” is a metaphor for how your favorite shows are now streaming on Paramount+.

The trend towards “cutting the cord” accelerated rapidly during the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean people are spending less time watching TV. On average, US adults will spend 23% more of their time watching digital video via Connected TV.


A friendly feud we missed during this year’s Super Bowl LV was Coke vs. Pepsi. Among the losers of the pandemic, Coke and Pepsi chose to allocate their resources towards other initiatives following a tumultuous year.

Instead, Anheuser-Busch pulled no punches and secured 4 spots on our list across their suite of brands including Bud Light, Bud Light Seltzer, and Michelob Ultra.

Once again, the spot dismisses the pandemic and focuses on the importance of “togetherness” and sharing a beer with a loved one.


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