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Interview: Overwatch League Pro, Terence 'SoOn' Tarlier of the Paris Eternal

Featured on, June 26, 2016.

Terence 'SoOn' Tarlier now plays in the Overwatch League for the Paris Eternal

I spoke to Terence Tarlier who is better known online as “SoOn” about the origins of Graviton Surge and why they decided to sign with the eSports organization Misfits. I began the discussion by reminiscing about ShootMania, a personal favorite of mine and a game in which SoOn is a three-time world champion. Misfits recently won the Amazon Gaming Series amounting to a $20,000 pot and rank among the top teams in the world.

We sat down to play a few public matches together and SoOn told me about the hard work required to reach their top tier position in today’s competitive scene. During which, Terence secured three out of four “play of the games” (I took the fourth!) sporting an impressive Roadhog and his signature Reaper.

Congratulations on your win last night, did you and the team celebrate?

“(Laughs.) Yeah we did. We already beat Reunited and Creation [eSports] last week on gosugamers, Rogue is the only team left that we have yet to play. We were pretty confident last night.”

How did Graviton Surge come about?

“I played with Kryw, Nadir, aKm, uNKOE, and Winz, but Nadir couldn’t play because he had too many exams. aKm, uNKOE and Winz got an offer to join Rogue with a salary so they couldn’t refuse. Then me and Kryw were the only ones left. We picked up Skipjack because many people said he was a good tank and a pretty good guy. So we were at three, seeking more people and we found Nevix, Zebbosai, and for the last guy we picked Kr4tosdigga. We played a lot but always lost to top teams like Reunited, Rogue and Creation eSports. One time we had to switch because the problem with the team was a lot of bad calls. Nobody was calling because Nevix was playing Mercy but swapped to Lucio because Kr4tos could only play Mercy. Nevix was playing support and cannot shotcall but Kr4tos didn’t talk enough. That was the team's problem, Zebbosai was McCree but he switched to Lucio to shotcall, Kr4tos could only play mercy so we had no choice but to kick him and pick up Zaprey. Zaprey is a new player, only 17 years old and never played in a competition before. Nevix saw him in pubs and thought he was pretty good so we gave him a chance. Since Zaprey started to play with us we only won.”

Did signing with Misfits change the team’s dynamic or goals of the players?

“For many weeks we were seeking an organization. In the end, there were many teams that didn’t want to pay more than others, so there are too many big organizations that wanted us but they couldn't pay more than new orgs. Misfits wanted us from the beginning and every time they proposed an offer they would up it. Eventually we accepted. They would watch our games and appeared better than the big organizations. We had many bigger orgs but now they don't have teams because new orgs have better offers.”

How does Misfits practice for tournaments?

“We only play on EU servers. We try planning every day and each member can say what date they’re going to be available. We face the top teams and practice for one to sometimes four hours. Today we’re playing a low ranked team on ESL so we don’t have to practice (We laugh.). There are a lot of good teams right now though, but we’re confident and don’t usually prepare early on in ESL weekly tournaments.”

Who is your biggest competition in EU right now?

“I don’t really know, we haven’t played Rogue yet but Creation [eSports] feels quite similar. I think we’re number one.”

What are you thoughts on the ESL Atlantic qualifying rounds rule-set? I understand a lot of the pro players aren’t too happy.

“One hero limit is better because without hero stacking, it's much better to watch and also much better to play. We think it's much better for us because we’re good players individually. But I am pretty sad about hero stacking on king of the hill maps like Nepal for example because so many people play Tracer and its very annoying (We laugh.).”

Is there a defined meta right now? Or is there still room for experimentation in competitive play?

“I think every character is acceptable to play except for D.Va, she needs to be buffed.”

Even Zenyatta? Is he in a good place right now?

“I think it could work in some comps like two Zenyattas, two Tracers and two Monkeys, or Zenyatta and Lucio, but it needs a lot of practice and people will see your comp and easily counter it - it’s just too risky.”

Are you looking forward to Blizzard’s competitive mode?

“Yes, I like the ranked system because it’s similar to Starcraft and Hearthstone.”

What's the first golden gun you plan on unlocking?

Reaper, definitely.

Do you have any tips for players seeking to improve?

Switching characters and skill is the most important. Probably sometimes you go in one-by-one. It's the right [composition] but you go one-by-one and that's why you lose. Some maps require a classic [composition] like Watchpoint: Gibraltar, you need to switch heroes a lot because there are many checkpoints and many top buildings.


You can follow SoOn on Twitter to stay updated on when he goes live on his Twitch channel. You can also follow Misfits on Twitter here and check out the rest of their starting roster.


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