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Canadian Film Centre: November Volunteer Spotlight

Updated: May 24, 2020

Published on, December 1, 2015

Residents at CFC are busy gearing up for this year’s Cineplex Entertainment Film Program Showcase in mid-December, where our 19 film residents showcase 15 feature projects in just one hour.

In the lead up to this event, we held a cast and crew screening last night for all of the outstanding volunteers who have helped us work on many of our productions over the course of the 2015 Cineplex Entertainment Film Program. We are so grateful for the tireless commitment of our talented volunteers – they make our productions possible.

This month, we would like to spotlight three volunteers who went above and beyond their call of duty – thank you, Elizabeth, Jackson and Scott!

Elizabeth Arcand

Elizabeth studied to become an advertising genius, but has embraced the culture of knowledge that film and television has brought. She ultimately aspires to be a camera operator, and her stellar performance as a 2 nd AC and Grip on CFC productions is a great start. Since July, Elizabeth has volunteered on five productions, racking up more than 80 volunteers hours.


Jackson has shown dedication, energy and reliability as a volunteer PA for the CFC, with more than 132 volunteer hours on seven productions for the Cineplex Entertainment Film Program so far this year. Jackson aspires to be a screenwriter. Good luck, Jackson!

Scott Mcintyre

Scott has established himself as a fast-rising star amongst multi-format cinematographers. His efficiency and professionalism on set have made him a DP of choice on our shoots, and Scott has put in more than 60 hours of volunteer time on our productions in the last few months alone.


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