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3 Tips for Building Client Conviction

Published on, May 22, 2020.

We live in amazingly uncertain times. Life has unfolded in weird, new ways in just a few months. To recap, thousands of lives have been lost, unemployment rates are soaring and retailers we’ve known for decades are filing for bankruptcy. Media agencies are not immune to the ramifications as they rely on their clients to thrive in order to form a successful partnership.

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So, what should you do when clients are cancelling programs, changing directions or delaying payments? BUILD CLIENT CONVICTION!

1. Be Prepared.

During uncertain times, agencies are actually looking for client conviction! Be prepared to provide it and always anticipate their needs. You want your client to commit to programs, trust you, have steady budgets, and to pay for the value you deliver. What does this really mean? It means aligning the lifeblood of your business: building capabilities, retaining talent, and sustaining the growth of your agency.

2. Ask, What’s Not Going to Change?

If you're an agency, consider what clients always want. They want things done faster and rapid responses to shifting consumer behaviors. Cheaper and efficient options are also required to prevent clients from hitting pause on your campaigns. Clients expect you to produce results - the easier you can attribute your work to the success of a campaign, the easier it is to earn approval and buy-in from clients.

The best way to get client conviction is to put yourself in the mind of the client. Figure out which behaviors will last among consumers. What is here to stay? Will everything return to normal? It is critical in highly uncertain times to seek real-time behaviors. What are your prospects or consumers doing right now? You need to provide guidance in order to build client conviction.

3. Take Control of Accountability

It is critical while building your agency to focus on lasting consumer trends and understand where your clients are going, in order to take advantage of their momentum.

Focus on data reflecting real-time behavior and create a journey to guide the client and take control of what behaviors are really happening. Demonstrate how real behaviors translate into real results so the client doesn't have to think twice. When they have to make a decision they know a clear accountability tied to everything you do - that's the only way to keep the client with you.

Dive deeper into the principles of building client conviction by watching our latest webinar, in partnership with the 4A's (American Association of Advertising Agencies).

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