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The man who started it all

Explore the journey of Paradise Sauce with Akeme Cox

Akeme grew up in Fairy Valley in the south of Barbados. His mum and dad both work in farming, his mum with horticulture, and his dad with animals such as horses, sheep, and goats.

In 2016, Akeme was offered a full-time job at the Blue Horizon hotel, and although it wasn’t his ideal career, he saw this as an opportunity to learn.

Akeme has always dreamed of being an entrepreneur, and while working at a restaurant in Oistins, "Paradise Sauce" was born.

Paradise Sauce comes in 4 bold and delicious flavors: Island Inferno, Hellfire Mustard, Pineapple, and Mango Tango. Each bottle of sauce is hand-crafted with locally-sourced delicious ingredients from scotch bonnets, to onions and pineapples.


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